refunds and returns policy


  • Devanti Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lavi Beauty Corp wants to make sure that you are always satisfied with the purchase made, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee, which means that you can return the product within thirty (30) days of receipt of the merchandise. . It is important that you keep in mind that to return the product you must contact the number (+1) 3109263269.

  • Legal and supplementary guarantee
  • If the product has defects, you can make use of the following guarantees:

    1. The guarantee for the products marketed by Lavi Beauty Corp, will be one (1) year, counted from the delivery of the product. And consisting in the first place in the repair of the product is 100% free and takes ten (10) business days for its repair, counted from the moment Lavi Beauty Corp. receives the product. In the event that, once the product is repaired, it continues to present faults, you can, at no cost, exchange it for a new one with the same or similar characteristics to those of the product.

    2. Likewise, we want to maintain the connection you have with our brand and that is why, as hair product marketers, we offer you a complementary guarantee of 2 years for the youth line and 4 years for the professional line. This guarantee will apply in the following cases:
      1. Temperature problems of your hair tool, such as not reaching the declared temperature, overheating, losing temperatures automatically, or in case it does not heat.
      2. Problems in the cable of your product, such as that when moving your electric one it turns off.
      3. Problems with the plates of your iron, such as one of them stopping heating.

    The guarantee does not cover problems related to:

    1. Damages due to misuse or deterioration of the product (Falls, improper application of products)
    2. Wires chewed by pets or burned.
    3. Plates with fractures.

    In the event that you are not in any of the above options, you can make use of our technical service, it is an additional service that we offer to ensure that all Devanti users can enjoy their products even when an accident has occurred (eg: broken plate, broken cable, etc.), this service has an additional cost depending on the damage, please contact for more information about the cost.

    For the application of guarantees and returns, the product that requires service must be sent to: 320 Cornell Drive, Wilmington Delaware 19801, United States.

    Remember: You must notify the return in advance to the number (+1) 3109263269.

    How should the product be sent?: Preferably in its original packaging, and the following information must be attached.

    1. Buyer ID:

    1. Returned item(s):
    2. Reason for return:
    3. If you require a refund or exchange:
    4. For the exchange, please indicate why you would like to exchange your item(s):
      6. Photocopy of the purchase order dated less than or equal to that corresponding to your tool. *Only the photocopy of the purchase order will act as valid proof to make the changes.*

    Shipping and alternate costs: Please include the payment of the shipment in cash or the cost of technical service to the carrier, if applicable.

    Do you have any doubt? Contact us! Write to us at or Whatsapp (+57) 4 6048231

    Refund of money.

    In the event that the Client wishes to return his money, he can only do so within thirty (30) days after the purchase thereof. The refund of the money will be made no later than twenty (20) business days from the moment the product returns to our warehouse, along with a copy of the sales invoice or purchase order, as long as the product is return with all original packaging and show no signs of wear and tear.